Katchart DIY DVDs
For Design and Decorating of Homes and Property
Staging to sell  /  Defining to set up  /  Redefining to make over

Katchart DIY (Do-It-Yourself) DVDs are:

designed to
teach how to
present; simply
easily and inex-

for any pro-
ject (e.g. selling,
moving or making
over), person
or property.

complete and
easy to use. You
won't find this on
TV, the web, or in
other products.

Katchart DIY DVD packages are designed to teach:

More than 30 years' professional design, decorating, and real estate experience is available to you in these DVD packages. We teach the basic design and decorating principles in DVD1, and, in DVD 2, how to apply them by taking an entire home, room by room or space by space, and showing each before and after. We explain WHAT we are doing and, more importantly, WHY.

Katchart DIY DVDs are for:

Any Person: Why? Decorating and design are not rocket science. Decorating and design principles are based on the brain’s emotional reactions to what the senses, particularly sight, perceive. These principles are easy to understand, never change and universally apply. You can do it and very easily.

Any Property: No matter what type of property you have (e.g. single, multi-family, townhouse, condo, vacation home, apartment, etc), and regardless of the size, shape, style, or decor, a Katchart DIY DVD is all you'll need.

Any Projectincluding: staging a property for sale (STAGING FOR SELLERS), setting up a new home (DEFINING PROPERTY), or making over one or more rooms or spaces (REDEFINING PROPERTY).

You Won’t Find This Anywhere Else! 

You could spend countless hours watching TV programs or searching the web and then, if you are lucky enough to find all the information, spend more countless hours  trying to put it all together into something useable.