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1. What is Redefining?  Redefining is design and decoration applied to a Project of making over room(s) and space(s) in an occupied property (home, house, apartment, townhouse, condo, vacation home, etc.). The characteristics of this type of Project are: i.) an existing design and decoration plan which is usually long-standing; ii.) usually done one room or space at a time at a very manageable pace; and iii.) the target audience is the owner/occupier).  As with any other design and decorating Project; for Redefining -  "It's All in the Presentation."
    [Note: Because there are, for the most part, no time contraints with Redefining Projects, they are and should be "fun." Katchart's REDEFINING PROPERTY has many tips and suggestions to add to the fun of such a Project.]

2. Remodelling & Re-furnishing: Remodelling and/or re-furnishing can be quite effective and dramatic. However, it all you want to do is to give a room or space a new "look and feel," redefining (i.e. redesigning and rede- corating) is far less costly, much less of a hassle; are often more impactful than a remodel or re-furnish.
  Additionally, remodelling or re-furnishing may end up limiting the re-design options or making the room or space appear smaller. 

3. Redefining: If you are going to make-over a room or space, you will need to redefine (re-design and re-decorate) whether or not you re-model and/or re-furnish. Why? Because the room still hsa to designed and decorated for your furnishin\gs. Why would you spend all that money on a remodel or re-furnish and not have a good design plan for presenting the completed room. Even if a professional designer is involved, you should want to know enough  to ask the question WHY about the design and evaluate the answer
  Get amazing results with Katchart's REDE- FINING PROPERTY design and decorating DIY DVD. This DVD package has been developed and organized for teaching how to redefine your room(s) and space(s);  easily, effectively and economically.

4. You have enough to redefine: If you are like most people, that room yolu are going to make over already has enough furnishings in it. In fact, most people have too much.  The more furnishings you try to incorporate, the less flexibility you will have with your redefiniton *redesign & redecoration).
  Whatever your project (staging for sale, defining for new home set-up and decorating, or redefining for room and space makeovers), in the world of home design and decorating, a universal truism is "less is better." It's your home and your design and decorating plan. Enjoy!