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Introduction: This article is a series of commonly asked questions (and tjhe answers) about Katchart Design & Decorating DVD products: STAGING FOR SELLERS for the presentation of houses and other properties for sale; DEFINING PROPERTY for new home set-up and decorating; and REDEFINING PROPERTY for room and space makeovers.  


Q1 - Can’t I just watch a TV program or get this from other sources?
A1 - No! You won’t get this from TV programs or anywhere else. Of course there are tidbits here and there. Katchart has done all of the work for you and created a product designed for one purpose – to teach you how to stage easily, effectively and inexpensively. It’s all you need to stage.

Q4 - If I am remodeling or re-furnishing, why do I need this product?
A4 - When the re-modeling or re-furnishing is done, you still have to set up the space and present it. That is what we help you do. Why would you spend all that money on re-modeling and/or re-furnishing and ignore the “presentation”.

Q7 - Why do you say "Don't remodel or re-furnish! Redefine?
A7 -  If you are looking for a new look and feel for a room or space, you don't have to remodel or re-furnish to get there. With the same furnishings and a few extra accessories, you can change the look and feel to room periodically without the huge expense of remodelling or re-furnishing. There are few rooms and spaces that can't have more than "design" with the same furnishings. And, with some different (relatively inexpensive) accessories and lighting, the same design can have multiple looks and feels to it. Finally, it usually turns out that expensive re-modelling work limits your design choices and the ability to change the look and feel of a room or space. The bottom line is that we want people to know that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a new look and feel.

Q2 - Is this product designed for all property?
A2 - Yes. It is for houses, townhouses, condos, vacation homes, apartments, etc. and regardless of the size, shape, style or décor of your property.

Q5 - If this is easy, why would I need this product?
A5 - In a word – simplicity! If you buy something that requires assembly, you can probably figure it out given enough time. But how much simpler and easier is it when there are good, step-by-step instructions. We also show you many tips and simple things that most people are not aware of.

Q8 - Why did you choose the words "Defining" and "Redefining" in your product titles?   
A8 - The design and decorating (i.e. layout/positioning of the large furnishings, supporting accessories and ligthing chosen) defines a room or space. The same furnishings and accessories, designed differently, will bring a new look and feel to the room or space even though the room's function has not changed. So we chose Definiting when the property is empty and Redefining when it has furnishings and thus has already been "defined." We think that terms like "set-up," "makeover," etc. understates what is happening when one designs ("defines") a room or redesigns ("redefines") a room, space, property, etc.

 It's All in the Presentation

Q3 - If I hire a professional to do this, why do I need this product?
A3 - When the work is finished, you may or may not like all, some or none of it. With these DVDs, you will understand why.

Q6. Why do you have 3 Design & Decorating DVD products?
A6 - There are 3 basic categories of design and decoration projects for the home, house, apartment, etc. They are Staging for selling the property; Defining for setting up and decorating a new (empty) home or addition and Redefining for making over rooms or spaces allready furnished. Although the design and decorating principles are the same for each, the circumstances are different and the application changes. To keep our DVDs as simple and easy to use as possible, we felt it better to have 3 separate DVDs, each targeted at a specific project type than a more lengthy and complicated  one-size fits all appoach.

Q9 - What are the differences between these 3 DVDs? 
A9 - The key difference between STAGING FOR SELLERS and both DEFINING PROPERTY and REDE- FINING PROPERTY is the target audience for the project. For staging, the target audience is propspective buyers which requires and a very different mindset than for you,, the target audience for the others. Since most people selling, are also moving Katchart offers a special price for the purchase of both STAGING FOR SELLERS and DEFINING PROPERTY (see the Order Now page). Katchart does not recommend buying both DEFINING PROPERTY and REDEFINING PROPERTY as the differences between the two does not  warrant buying both.