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Introduction: This article explains the final step for any room or space; fine tuning. A bedroom example is used showing a before photo, the room afetr the new "design" is applied; and then the fine tuning (decorating with accessoories) to finish the room off. Fine tuning ios expalined in much greated detail in all Katchart Design & Decorating DVDs: STAGING FOR SELLERS for staging houses and other properties; DEFINING PROPERTY for new home set-up and decorating; and REDEFINING PROPERTY for room and space makeovers. 


Whether you are staging (for sale), defining to set up a new home or addition or redefining to makeover one or more rooms or spaces, there is a process that should be followed to get it right. Fine tuning makes all the difference but it comes last. Otherwise, it is tantamount to putting the cart before the horse. In this article, we are going to show the powerful impact of fine tuning done at the end.

The first photo shown is the before photo. It was taken from the entry door to this master bedroom.

Because the door was at roughly the halfway point to the length dimension of this room and the width of the room was not that large, this room design, with the king size bed placed between the two windows (the choice most people would make) was a problem and had to be changed. There was simply not enough space between the doorway and the foot of the bed and the result was a very cramped feeling/appearance. So a new room design was all but mandated. By design we mean the lay-out of the large furnishings and emphasis on the focal point, if any.

In the second (pair of) photos, you see our basic design or re-design of the room. [These photos were taken from the master bath doorway to emphasize the re-positioning of the bed.] As you might expect, the first and most important thing in the re-design of this master bedroom was the positioning of the bed.

Copy_of_IMG_5313.a1.JPG  Copy_of_IMG_5307.a1.JPG

Once that was settled on, the rest of the design could be completed. We chose the kitty-cornering of the bed in this corner as the optimal positioning for the bed to give the room the largest possible look and feel. With that done, we decided to add a “created’ focal point.  The large piece of artwork taken from another room where it was not working out well. Finally, the remainder of the large furnishings and some of the accessories were positioned.

At this point we were ready to fine tune our design and finish off with the right accessories. The last photo, taken from the opposite side of the room for effect, depicts the results of our “fine tuning," namely minor design alterations and accessories.

We looked at our design and decided that the pole lamp was not working that well behind the bed.  So we moved it to the right of the bed (where the small plant was). At the other end of the room the rocking chair was to small to balance that end of the room. We had a settee from another room that was too large for that area but worked perfectly in place of the rocking chair.

To finish off we added a throw to the settee for color and hung a print over it. To the bed, a new bedspread and some pillows were added for color and warmth and a tall plant added behind the headboard. The final product produced a bedroom that is stunning with an entirely different (and better) look and feel to it. Except for the price of a few, inexpensive accessories, the out-of-pocket cost of this effort was nil!