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Introduction: This article explains why Katchart uses a dual DVD approach for its' Design & Decorating DVDs: STAGING FOR SELLERS for staging houses and other properties; DEFINING PROPERTY for new home set-up and decorating; and REDEFINING PROPERTY for room and space makeovers. 


Katchart’s unique approach to DIY Property Design and Decoration is teaching (or tutorial). We are teaching how to Stage, Define or Redefine property simply, easily, effecitively and economically. We are not trying: to solicit work or contracts; to win awards for great photography, etc.; or to use this as a platform for our company or ourselves. Our goal is to teach and we measure ourselves and our products on whether and how well we have taught.

In each of our packages, DVD 1 is what we call the “textbook”. The design principles (or elements) and the process are explained in a logical, organized manner. DVD 2 is what we call the “lab book.” In it we take an entire home, one room/space at a time, showing it before and after and applying the ‘textbook” material to it. We explain what we are doing and why. The "WHYs" of what we are doling is the important thing to learn and what you will not often find in other sources. (For more, see Katchart's Design & Decorating article: "THE WHYS OF STAGING."

Like any good teaching  tool, our DVDs are organized by Chapter. Each DVD has a Table of Contents printed on the back side of the “wrap” which becomes visible when the DVD is taken out of the case. This enables our customers to quickly skip through a DVD to get to desired chapter whenever they want to review a specific section or topic in the DVD.

Most people want to jump to DVD 2 right away as it is more fun. But, just as in school, you would not go to the lab until the text book material has been covered; so we strongly recommend that our customers view DVD 1 at least once before going to DVD 2. It will make the viewing of DVD 2 more meaningful and reinforce what we are trying to do – teach.

  The Katchart DIY Design & Decorating Dual-DVD Packages: