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by Kathey Carter
Katchart Creative Director
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Introduction: This article describes how using the simple, economical interior design and decorating principles and processes taught in Katchart's REDEFINING PROPERTY DVD has a dramatice effect in any DIY room or space makeover project. These are the same design and decorating principles and processes taught in Katchart's other design and decorating DIY DVDs: STAGING FOR SELLERS for staging houses and other properties; and DEFINING PROPERTY for new home set-up and decorating. 


It is amazing what a makeover can do for any room or space. What’s better is that DO IT YOURSELF MAKEOVERS can be done very economically using your own furnishings.

REDEFINING PROPERTY Is simply the application of a few, easy-to-understand, interior design principles to a particular room or space for simple, economical. DO IT YOURSELF MAKEOVERS that refresh space or rooms. It gives them a new look and feel and creates living environments done in your style where you want to spend time.

Too often, people just fit things in a room instead of designing a lay-out that works with the available space. So, you probably already have more furnishings than you need to redefine.

The REDEFINING PROPERTY principles include:

  • The most important principle is not to overcrowd the space. Not only will the room have a better look and feel, it will appear larger.
  • Balance is the proportional use and placement of furnishings in a space. A balanced room creates harmony.
  • Focal points are points of focus for the eye. They can be natural, like a fireplace or picture window or created like artwork. Key rooms should have a focal point and your room design should frame it so the eye is drawn to it.
  • Lighting controls how space is seen. Experiment with your lighting applications at different times of day for the best ambience.

Color is a great way to add definition and warmth to a space. The most cost-effective way to add color is with the use of accessories like pillows, throws, area and accent rugs, plants and wall decorations. With any extra accessories you have, you can periodically switch them around to change the look and feel.

If your budget allows, a new coat of paint or wall finish can be dramatic. If a room lacks character, you can add some relatively inexpensive remodeling such moldings, picture frame moldings and wainscoting.