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by Kathey Carter
Katchart Creative Director
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Introduction: This article, based on the contents of Katchart's STAGING FOR SELLERS DVD, expalins that Katchart, not only teaches design and decorating principles and processes, but why each design/ decorating plan has been chosen. The same is done in Katchart's other design and decorating DIY DVDs: DEFINING PROPERTY for new home set-up and decorating; and REDEFINING PROPERTY for room and space make overs. 



What's wrong with this picture? Most people would naturally design or set-up this front porch like this. If that is the way they want or need it, that’s fine. However, there are two things that are problematic with this design most people would only be sub-consciously aware of.

First, the design is not balanced from this viewing angle with all of the furnishings on the right side. Because the shrubs block the view from the street, this is essentially the only viewing angle. So, sub-consciously at least, there is something bothersome with this picture because it is top-heavy to the right. Even worse, this set-up or design is framing the neighbor’s porch as a focal point.

Framing is the camera-like effect of having furnishings “frame” or naturally draw the eyes to a focal point. Remember that visitors to your home will also consciously or sub-consciously be affected in the same way and this will be among the first impressions that they have of your home.

In the after sequence, the eyes are drawn to the rearranged furnishings as the focal point creating a positive first impression and a feeling of wanting to be here; exactly the effect we want to have on prospective purchasers. This design is now balanced and even makes the area seem larger than before. This is whywe staged this porch this way and we used the furnishings already on hand. Whatever way you choose is up to you. But knowing the "WHYS" of design will help in the process. For DO IT YOURSELF STAGING, you want a tool that will teach you the whys; a tool that has lots of visuals and lots of explanations.

Katchart's STAGING FOR SELLERS DVD package is that tool. It is complete with visuals and descriptions/explanations; It has two parts: DVD 1 is an audio/visual explanation of basic design concepts and how they are applied to Staging and DVD 2 is a comprehensive application of those 'basics' to an entire home. For each room or area being staged, before and after segments are shown. In the before segment, you are told & shown what needs addressing and why. In the after segment, you are told & shown what was done and why.