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Introduction: These tips and information on ambient, task and accent lighting supplement the infomation in Katchart's Design & Decorating DVDs: STAGING FOR SELLERS for staging houses and other properties; DEFINING PROPERTY for new home set-up and decorating; and REDEFINING PROPERTY for room and space makeovers.


Lighting By Function

Ambient Lighting

Accent Lighting

Task Lighting

How It Works

Ambient light is the overall light in your room or area. This light can be direct or indirect sunlight from a door, window or skylight. It also includes overhead lighting. Accent lighting is warm, soft lighting that sets the mood for the room. It can also be dramatic when lighting pictures and decorative art. Task lighting assists the performance of daily activities. It is specific to a location, often brighter than ambient light and provide an extra layer of light to the room or area.


Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and cast light downward. They come in many shapes and decorative styles.

Recessed lights, also called can lights, are mounted flush to the ceiling and cast light downward.

Suspended lights, or uplights, are mounted to the ceiling. These cast light upward.

Torchieres, resembling floor lamps, cast soft light upwards.
Candles provide soft light that warms a room or area.

Chandeliers hang from the ceiling, are decorative and often have dimmers to adjust the level of light.

Picture lights are small, low wattage lights mounted above a picture or piece of art to draw attention to the piece or picture.

Track lighting is mounted to the ceiling or high wall and can be directed to most any object.
Floor lamps cast upward or down- ward to light a specific activity.

Sconces are often mounted beside beds and behind sofas for a well-lit reading area.

Table lamps and Swing-arm lamps come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are available with 3-way bulb capacity.


All rooms Living/Family room, Dining room, Master bedroom Kitchen, Office and Studies, Bedrooms, Family room

Lighting For Staging

1. It might be mood lighting to you, but if you're trying to sell your property, keep it bright! Dimly lit rooms tend to look small and dingy - especially during the day.

2. However, a room can be too bright to the point of glaring. In this case, dim it somewhat but keep it bright.

3. Remember, clean windows let in more light and look newer. Hire a service if you have to - it's worth the investment.

4. If you have a particularly dark room, consider investing in a floor lamp that will bounce light off the ceiling.

5. If your walls are so dark that they are absorbing all the light, consider repainting. You can even buy a small can of a lighter shade of your wall color, mix it with glaze and rub it onto the wall. It will reflect light and give the room a more open feeling. This approach saves much of the preparation and clean up involved in repainting.

Lighting Controls Presentation

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